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OCTOBER 2022 - Tom (almost) attends the World Food Forum in Rome

In short, the World Food Forum is an independent, youth-led global network of partners facilitated by the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and aiming to raise young people’s awareness on the connection between climate change and access to safe and nutritious food and healthy diets to spark action. This year's forum will also convene governments, youth champions, major influencers and non-profit organizations to support youth-led transformation of the agrifood systems. In parallel with the WFF, FAO hosted the first-ever Investment Forum as well as the Science and Innovation Forum.

Of course, Tom was excited to be invited to attend in person to make many new and meet several old friends again in Rome. But after the flights and hotels were all booked, Covid changed the travel plans and opportunities to participate were online from a quarantine hotel.

The WFF lead to the Regional Youth Action Compendium drafts to articulate asks of young people and the society at large at the COP27 and COP15. With the WFF YSG report and the launch of a young scientists network, the WFF will continue to push for initiatives and policy asks that are backed by science and real data. In 2023, the WFF will launch an incubator to foster science-based innovations to address agrifood system challenges and facilitate necessary investments . The Forum will strive to inspire a wider audience and expand local chapters and amplify local impact initiatives, similar to the UN Food System Summit Dialogues. Exciting times ahead!

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