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Ecosystem Monitoring

Advances in computer vision provide great opportunities for ecosystem monitoring and data driven agriculture. We develop new tools and products to understand nature at scale. 


Combining Embedded Systems and Macrobiology

Biodiversity in agricultural landscapes is key for ecosystem service provisioning. Pestcontrol and pollination services are important determinants of crop yields and their management will ultimately determine the socioeconomic conditions of farmers. We have been developing new cameras and software for automated  monitoring of agrobiodiversity. Our devices are currently tested on various taxonomic groups such as insects and birds to then use them in the Global Agroforestry Network and the China Rice Network

The project is coordinated by Dr. Kevin Darras

Where to go from here

Ultimately, our monitoring devices are intended for broad agricultural diversity and ecosystem service monitoring. We are currently working with colleagues at the School of Engineering at Westlake University and the University of Siegen, Germany to implement the technical side and collaborate with colleagues across China and globally to test our devices in the field.  

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