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Optimizing Knowledge Transfer

The 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit and COP26 made it clear: we know how to tackle some of the key global challenges and the time for action is now. But how does all the knowledge reach farmers and more generally the public? 


The Knowledge Transfer Project

Rural community and farmer empowerment through knowledge and technology is high on the agenda on many of the recent high-level meetings. A particularly pressing question is how we can give the existing knowledge to change agriculture in the hands of farmers? And what knowledge do they want and need? How can we best reach people that often cannot be reached? We are working towards empowering people with the knowledge they need and the technology they can use.

We have completed two United Nations Food Systems Summit Independent Dialogues to learn more about climate change issues of farmers in Madagascar and the knowledge they need to mitigate these impacts. We are working hard to build a knowledge hub for farmers across the world to help addressing current knowledge gaps. 

The Knowledge Transfer Project is coordinated by Dr. Estelle Raveloaritiana.

But that's not all

Bridging technology gaps requires interdisciplinary work. We have recently worked on solutions to bring CRISPR/cas-based genome edited crops from the lab to the field, and into the hands of farmers (see our work here).

We are also establishing new collabroations to address a large scale lack of awareness in consumers in China and globally. Stay tuned..

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