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Peer Reviewed Articles

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T Tscharntke, I Grass, TC Wanger, C Westphal, P Batáry. Restoring biodiversity needs more than reducing pesticides: a reply to Bruehl et al.. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, accepted

L Wan, W Zhou, Y He, TC Wanger, H Cen. Combining transfer learning and hyperspectral reflectance analysis to assess leaf nitrogen concentration across different plant species datasets. Remote Sensing of Environment, accepted

KFA Darras, E Yusti, JCC Huang, DC Zemp, AP Kartono, TC WangerBat point counts: a novel bat sampling method shines light on flying bat communities. Ecology and Evolution, in press.

M Toledo-Hernández, TA Lander, C Bao, K Xie, A Atta-Boateng, TC Wanger. Genome-edited tree crops: mind the socioeconomic implementation gap. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 2021


T Tscharntke, I Grass, TC Wanger, C Westphal, P Batáry. Beyond organic farming–harnessing biodiversity-friendly landscapes. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 2021

TC Wanger, M Xie. A western view on Westlake University’s way to reform China’s education system, China im Blickpunkt des 21. Jahrhunderts, 341-354, Springer, 2021


MMH Wang, E Warren-Thomas, TC Wanger. Rubber Agroforestry: Feasibility at Scale. Mighty Earth Report, 130 pages

M Toledo-Hernández, Tscharntke T, Tjoa A, Cyio B, Ashary A, Wanger TC. Landscape and farm-level management for conservation of potential pollinators in Indonesian cocoa agroforests. 

Biological Conservation 257, 109106



G Tamburini, Bommarco R, Wanger TC, Kremen C, Heijden M, Liebman M, Hallin S. Agricultural diversification supports multiple ecosystem services without compromising yields. Science Advances, 2020.

TC Wanger, DeClerck F, Garibaldi LA, Ghazoul J, Kleijn D, Klein A.M., Kremen C, Mooney H., Perfecto I., Powell L., Settele J., Solé M., Tscharntke T., Weisser W., and 352 signatories. Integrating Agroecological Production in a robust post-2020 Biodiversity Framework. Nature Ecology and Evolution, 2020.

M Toledo-Hernández, Tscharntke T, Tjoa A, Cyio B, Ashary A, Wanger TC,. Hand pollination, not pesticides or fertilizers increase cocoa yields and farmers income. Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment, 2020.

TC Wanger, Ainun N, Brook BW, Friess DA, Oh RRY, Rusdin A, Smithers S, Tjoa A. Ecosystem-based tsunami mitigation for tropical biodiversity hotspots. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 2020. url


TC Wanger, Tscharntke T, Uiseb K, Traill L. Trophy hunting needs and African-centred, solution-based discussion. Science eLetter, 2019 url

L Kehoe, et al. Wanger TC, et al. Kümmerle T. Make EU Trade with Brazil Sustainable. Science 364 (6438), 341, 2019 url

TC Wanger. Biodiversity and Climate Change Adaptation in Tropical Islands. The Quarterly Review of Biology. In press (invited book review), 2019 url




TC Wanger, Frohn P. Testing the Efficient Network TRaining (ENTR) Hypothesis: reducing training image size makes Convolutional Neural Network training for image recognition tasks more efficient. 1807.11583, 2018 url


TC Wanger, Hölscher D, Veldkamp E, Tscharntke T. Cocoa Production: Monocultures are not the solution to climate adaptation. Global Change Biology 24, 561-562, 2018




M Toledo-Hernández, Wanger TC, Tscharntke T. Neglected pollinators: Can enhanced pollination services improve cocoa yields? A review. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 247, 137-148, 2017


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TC Wanger, Tscharntke T, Schroth G, Klein A. Cocoa shortfall: Pollination curbs climate risk to cocoa. Nature 511, 155, 2014

TC Wanger, Darras K, Bumrungsri S, Klein A, Tscharntke T. Bat pest control contributes to food security in Thailand. Biological Conservation 171, 220-223, 2014



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T Tscharntke, Clough C, Jackson L, Motzke I, Perfecto I, Vandermeer J, Wanger TC, Whitbread A. Global food security, biodiversity conservation and the future of agricultural intensification. Invited MS for Special Issue in Biological Conservation 151, 53-59, 2012


I Motzke, Wanger TC, Zanre E, Tscharntke T, Barkmann J. Socio-economic context of biodiversity use along a town-forest gradient in Cambodia. Invited MS for Special Issue in Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 60, 37-53, 2012


L Traill, Wanger TC, Kidd D. Large, particular bovids may require localised conservation effort to prevent extinction. Invited MS for Special Issue in Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 60, 111-116, 2012


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NS Sodhi, Koh LP, Clements R, Wanger TC, Hill JK, Hamer KC, Clough Y, Tscharntke T, Posa MRC, Lee TM. Conserving Southeast Asian forest biodiversity in human-modified landscapes. Invited MS for Special Issue in Biological Conservation 143, 2375-2384, 2010


Y Clough, Abrahamczyk S, Adams MO, Anshary A, Ariyanti N, Betz L, Buchori D, Cicuzza D, Darras K, Putra DD, Fiala B, Gradstein SR, Kessler M, Klein AM, Pitopang R, Sahari B, Schulze CH, Shahabuddin S, Sporn S, Stenchly K, Tjitrosoedirdjo SS, Wanger TC, Weist M, Wielgoss A, Tscharntke T. Biodiversity patterns and trophic interactions in human-dominated tropical landscapes in Sulawesi (Indonesia): plants, arthropods and vertebrates. p. 15-71, in Environmental Series, Springer Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2010



TC Wanger, Saro A, Iskandar DT, Brook BW, Sodhi NS, Clough Y, Tscharntke T. Conservation value of cacao agroforestry for amphibians and reptiles in Southeast Asia: combining correlative models with follow-up field experiments. Journal of Applied Ecology 46, 823-832, 2009 (Cover article)


TC Wanger, Motzke I, Furrer SC, Brook BW, Gruber B. How to monitor elusive lizards: comparison of capture-recapture methods on giant day geckos (Gekkonidae, Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis) in the Masoala rainforest exhibit, Zurich Zoo. Ecological Research 24, 345-353, 2009


TC Wanger, Motzke I, Furrer SC, Gruber B. Movement patterns and habitat selection of the giant day gecko (Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis) in the Masoala rainforest exhibit, Zurich Zoo. Salamandra. 45, 147-153, 2009



M Olsson, Wilson M, Uller T, Mott B, Isaksson C, Healey M, Wanger TC. Free radicals run in lizard families. Biology Letters 4, 186-188, 2008


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TC Wanger. The amphibians of Kiang West National Park, The Gambia. Salamandra 41(1/2): 27-33, 2005



Peer Reviewed Articles

Submitted or in Preparation

*Manuscript available; $ corresponding author

*$TC Wanger$, Ewans T, Brook B, Tscharnkte T. Pesticides reduce tropical amphibian and reptile diversity and ecosystem services. in review. Agriculture, ecosystems & Environment

*TC Wanger$, Toledo-Hernández M, Tscharnkte T, Rini C, Dennig F. Solving the global cocoa crisis with pollination – a global perspective. in prep.

L Traill, Wanger TC, et al. Assessing perspectives from Africa and the Global North on trophy hunting. In prep.

Wanger TC$, et al. The future of agroecological farming – a review. In prep 

Non-Peer Reviewed Articles

TC Wanger, Motzke I, Rödel MO. Zur Entwicklung der Diversität der Herpetofauna des östlichen Landschaftsschutzgebietes Spitzberg bei Tübingen am Neckar. – Jahreshefte Gesellschaft für Naturkundliche Mitteilungen Württemberg 162: 283-294, 2006

TU Grafe, Wanger TC, Dehling JM, Proksch S, Braasch T. Use of individual markings in the study of the foot-flagging frog, Staurois guttatus. Scientia Bruneiana 7, 3-8, 2006

TC Wanger. Bird watching along Badas Road. – Brunei Nature Society 3, 2-3, 2005


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