SAT Lab Team

Siyan ZENG

Siyan is a PhD student in the lab. She is working on the opportunities of urban landscapes for food production

Jiaying ZHENG

Jiaying Zheng is our Executive Assistant in the Lab. She makes sure that the lab runs smoothly and our non-Chinese team members and international visitors find their way around.

Xuanyi LI

Xuanyi Li is a visiting summer student in the lab from the East China University of Science and Technology. She works on spatially explicit approaches to understand human migration effects on land-use


Thomas Cherico WANGER

Associate Professor Tom Wanger is the PI of the Sustainability, Agriculture, and Technology Lab at Westlake University, China. 

For more about his work see here.

Xueqing HE

Dr. Xueqing He is a PostDoc in the lab.


She works on the Food-Energy-Water Nexus, the China Rice Network and is involved in our Nano and Microplastic work.


Dr. Manuel Toledo-Hernández is a PostDoc in the SAT Lab.


He works with the Global Agroforestry Network and broadly on cocoo production systems in Brazil and Indonesia 

For more about his work see here.


Yan-Yan is a PhD student in the Lab. He works on technology based approaches for farmers knowledge transfer


Alma Liss is an external PhD student in the lab, based in the Welch Lab at Durham University, UK. She is working on ecosystem services and disservices in African Cocoa farms.


Siyuan JING

Siyuan Jing is a Research Assistant in the SAT Lab. He is working on Nano and Microplastic effects on agricultural systems.


Han is a Research Assistant in the lab. She is working on pollinators in Hangzhou's urban landscapes

If you want to discuss a project idea please do get in touch with Tom.


We do have funded PhD and PostDoc positions available for the right candidates. 

Juan LI

Dr Juan Li is a Senior PostDoc in the  Lab. She is working on the impacts of large global transportation networks on agricultural production, environment, and people.


For more about her work see here.


Dr. Kevin Darras is a Research Scientist in the lab. He works on automated biodiversity detection devices in agricultural landscapes and the China Rice Network.

For more about his work see here.



Ache Atta-Boateng is an external PhD student in the SAT Lab, based in Yadvinder Mahli's Lab at Oxford University, UK. He works on  pollination and biostimulants in Ghana's cocoa production systems. 

For more about his work see here.


Lochran Traill

Lochran is a Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University, UK, and a Honary Fellow at University of Witswaterrand, SA. He is a conservation scientist, working on African wildlife ecology and general population ecology.

Francis is an Assistant Professor at Yale-NUS in Singapore and an Associated researcher at Princeton University, US. He is broadly interested in economic policy questions reated to climate change and inequality.

Teja Tscharntke

Francis Dennig

Wolfgang Weisser

Wolfgang is a Professor at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, broadly interested in species interaction ecology and diversification of agriculture

Global Agroforestry Network

We collaborate with many colleagues from the Global Agroforestry Network. 

China Rice Network

We are actively working on a rice-research network with several collaborators in China. Further details to be shared here soon.