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OCTOBER 2023 - Siyan and Siyuan setting standards with their PhD work

It is of course exciting when our lab publishes impactful work, because it means that we have excellent people in the team. Some of these people have now set a new standard of how to do excellent PhD research and - with the help of our fabulous assistant Ray - add a very nice 'personal lab touch' to their PhD midterm and proposal defences.

Our 2020 PhD student Siyan Zeng did her mid term defence on her excellent work on the potential of diversified vegetable oil production. Siyuan Jing, one of our 2021 PhD students did his proposal defense on plastic effects on pollinators. After lively discussions both students were congratulated by the panel on their excellent performance. On top of this, both, Siyan and Siyuan were awarded the Westlake University "Social Responsibility Award".

This defence apparently also was special to the panel, because our team organized nice fruits, self-made cake and coffees for everyone. And on top of this - and this is indeed very unusual, members of the lab joined the defence discussion and presentation (although they have seethe talks and questions in previous dry runs) to support their friends and learn for their own defence.

It is a true privilege to work with such a fantastic team! Congratulations to both of you, Siyuan and Siyan!!

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