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OCTOBER 2023 - An Edited Book and a Conference for the Grandmaster of Agroecology

by Tom Wanger

Sometimes you have the pleasure of working with very special people, special both for their exceptional achievements and their kind personality. Prof. Teja Tscharntke is one of these people.

I had the pleasure to attend and speak at Teja's retirement conference of in Göttingen, Germany in early October. I was also fortunate to be part of the editorial team of a book "Defining Agroecology" that was written especially for Teja. As for many of his "academic children", Teja had a profound impact on my career and in some instances also as an important personal mentor. He created his Agroecology group that for me was a friendly and intellectually save place with people I could work and party hard with. Teja substantially refined my scientific toolbox and always transmitted the attitude that the sky is the limit (I'm not sure that was always his intention but that's how I took it).

Thank you for everything you have done, Teja, for me and so many others that grew from your agroecology group. I wish you only the very, very best!

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