We use research platforms, experiments, and different technologies to understand how diversification can help Sustainable Agricultural Production in the 21st century.  




We link field experiments and analytical methods to understand the long term ecological, social, and economic effects of agroecological production methods 



We collaborate broadly to identify new production areas and methods to satisfy the food, fibre, and energy needs of the generations to come

We are looking for new technologies to improve biodiversity and yield monitoring and to address challenging questions in sustainability science



The Issues We Are Excited About



Addressing one of the main global challenges, the new ‘Sustainability, Agriculture, and Technology’ lab aims to contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by providing food, energy, and fibres sustainably in existing and new agricultural production systems. As an international team striving for excellence, our work is global, we embrace new technologies and methods, and collaborate openly based on innovative thinking.

The lab is currently expanding a network of global projects to assess landscape-level effects of cocoa and rice production systems on the environment and people. Besides comprehensive biodiversity and socioeconomic monitoring, we are interested in human health effects as a result of agricultural management and general land-use change under climate change. Ultimately, we want to develop a long-term and holistic picture of the ecological, social, and economic effect of agricultural production strategies in different crops and parts of the world.

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Sustainablity, Agriculture, & Technology Lab

Associate Professor

Thomas Cherico Wanger

School of Engineering

Westlake University



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