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AUGUST 2023 - Siyan's agroecology opinion paper is published in Cell Press' iScience

The global food system must meet the increasing demand for food, fibre, and energy while reducing environmental impacts. The UN Food System Summit (UNFSS) has made a clear call to action for a global food systems transformation.

In her latest paper now published in Cell Press' iScience, Siyan argues that three major discrepancies remain, potentially delaying the urgent implementation of the call to action. First, Nature-based solutions (NbS) are not sufficiently focused on agriculture, leading to funding allocation issues. Second, a mismatch of agroecology with technology innovations may slow scaling agroecological farming. Lastly, agricultural diversification must move beyond organic landscapes and into conventional agriculture.

As a solution, principles of NbS should be clear on agricultural integration. Moreover, stakeholder awareness must increase that agroecology does not necessarily conflict with agricultural technologies. Future agricultural models must apply measures such as agricultural diversification in conjunction with technology innovations to then ascertain an overall timely and successful implementation of the UNFSS call to action.

Congratulations on your first opinion paper, Siyan :D

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