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JULY 2021 - Join our Symposium on "Agroforestry Systems in the Decade of UN Ecosystem Restoration"

This year, the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation conference is online - it is great, because we are not missing out on one of the nicest conferences in the field and we can still meet old and make new friends.

Manu and Tom are hosting a symposium on "The Role of Agroforestry Systems in the Decade of UN Ecosystem Restoration", which is largely centered around the work of the Global Agroforestry Network. After Tom's general introduction, Manu will speak about cocoa pollination, followed by Maria Alejandra Jaramillo's talk on plant diversity conservation in agroforestry systems. Carolina Ocampo Ariza and Eleanor Warren-Thomas will then bring in the social dimensions in both cocoa and rubber agroforestry.

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