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JULY 2023 - Ache defended his PhD thesis and is now Dr. Ache

Congratulations, Ache, to successfully defending his exciting PhD work on cocoa pollination in Ghana, West Africa last week at Oxford University with Alexandra Morel and Simon Hiscock as examiners. Ache's findings are adding a very important piece to the cocoa pollinator puzzle in the second largest producer country in the world.

Specifically, Ache looked into the questions of who are the pollinators of cocoa, what drives what they are doing, and he used exciting new network analysis to determine new species interactions on the cocoa flowers. Besides his upcoming thesis papers, Ache was also involved in our 'Bridge the gene-editing implementation gap in agroforestry crops' paper published in Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

I am very happy to have co-supervised this work together with Tonya Lander and Yadvinder Mahli from Oxford University.

Stay tuned for what's next for Dr. Ache :D

Image credit: Ecosystem Science lab, Oxford

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