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JULY 2023 - Our UN Food System Summit Dialogue in Indonesia was successfully conducted

In our Knowledge Project, we are aiming to transfer the scientific information about agricultural diversification into the hands of farmers to facilitate the urgently needed Global Food Systems Transformation. We are working together with local partners and farmer communities producing for instance rice, cocoa, coffee, palm, and vanilla to understand how diversification can help their production and how to best mitigate climate impacts. All these workshops are conducted as UN Food System Summit Dialogues to facilitate outreach and significance for local partners.

In Indonesia, we are working together with the awesome people from EAST ID to run workshops in Sulawesi and Java with cocoa and rice farmers. On Friday, we finished our first workshop in Napu Valley, which will be followed in two weeks in Java.

These workshops are a two step approach, where local partners first work with farmer representatives that then in turn reach out to hundreds of farmers. In Madagascar, Estelle's homelands, we have reached almost 1,000 rice, cocoa and vanilla farmers in central and northern Madagascar, Stay tuned for results of our Knowledge Project that is coordinated by Estelle.

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