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JUNE 2023 - Sheng Dong' Bachelor of Science work on plastic effects on bees was ranked "outstanding"

As of now, we still know little about the effects on and mechanisms behind plastic pollution on pollination services. We know even less when it comes to behavioral changes on the individual and colony level.

Sheng Dong's Bachelor of Science thesis not only looked into these plastic effects. He also designed, built and is now running an AI-based setup that allows us to track individual bees and the entire colony as they are experiencing the effects of plastic pollution and climate change.

It was impressive to see how Sheng Dong overcame all the hurdles of his own project and - in addition to this managed to involve himself in several other and unrelated projects in the lab. So, it is not surprising to anyone that his work on "Negative Effects of micro plastics on bumble bees at colony and individual level" was graded "Outstanding (95 of 100 points)".

Congratulations to your Bachelor or Science degree, Sheng Dong and we are very happy to have you around for several years to come as a PhD student in our lab.

Sheng Dong's Bachelor thesis supervised by Tom and Prof. Yili Huang at the College of Environment and Resources, Zhejiang University. All the work is conducted in our lab.

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