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MARCH 2023 - Qianqian, Estelle & Tom meet collaborators and farmers in Hainan

What do farmers think and know about diversification and technology in different cropping systems? Qianqian, Estelle, and Tom went to Hainan to meet with farmers across the island to do a feasibility study of Qianqian's PhD work. We also took the chance to meet with several of our collaborators of the China Rice Network and from CATAS to link our work even more.

We were also very lucky that Prof. Haiyan Cen from Zhejiang University could visit our field sites at Xinglong Botanical garden to join forces and use her advanced physiological monitoring technology on cocoa.

On the side, we enjoyed some sight seeing and great local food - fieldwork with great people is certainly a very attractive part of our work.

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