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MAY 2023 - Our lab is co-hosting the the International Cocoa Agroforestry Workshop in Montpellier

West and Central Africa (WCA) are responsible for 71 % of world cocoa production and involving some 2.6 million smallholder farmers. Cocoa is cultivated mainly in open-sun monocultures probably less than 30 % of the area cultivated with cacao production under tree shade i.e. in agroforestry systems. However, agroforestry is now widely acknowledged to enhance environmental and social benefits at somewhat lower yields. While our lab and colleagues in the Global Agroforestry Network work on mitigation of yield gaps between monocultures and agroforestry through cocoa pollination enhancement, transformation of agroforestry policies into practice requires a characterization of cocoa agroforestry as a benchmark to measure progress toward clearly defined goals. Following our cocoa & coffee agroforestry workshops in September 2022, this jointly organized multi-stakeholder workshop aimed at a scientifically solid discussion on agroforestry definitions, innovation, and implementation.

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