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NOVEMBER 2021 - Tom chairs panel on "Transformational change in the food production system"

The 2nd International Agrobiodiversity Congress is all about "Using Agrobiodiversity to Transform Food Systems" and jointly hosted by CIAT, Bioversity International and in partnership with CGIAR and the Government of Italy.

Tom is chairing the 1st roundtable of the production day on "Transformational change in the food production systems and nature-positive solutions". We will have great presentations from Sérgio Milheiras, Steve Arquitt, Camila Cidon, Andrea Sanchez, Zhao Yufu, and Graham Mair. On the panel, we are lucky to discuss about the future of agricultural production with Shenggen Fan (China Agricultural University), Andrew Lowe (University of Adelaide), Suzanne Ngo-Eyok (CIAT/Bioversity International), and Julian Oram (Mighty Earth).

Other roundtables of the day include "Diversity on farm and climate resilience for enhancing ecosystem service delivery and maintaining production” , chaired by Bea Maas, the "Indigenous people" session, chaired by Ivan Novontny, and "Policy and Business Forum" chaired by Tiffany Talsma.

Thank you Chris Kettle for the invitation and pushing this!!!

The congress website is here, where the recordings should be available soon:

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