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NOVEMBER 2022 - 4th Cocoa & Coffee Forum, CATAS 65th Anniversary Lecture, and some fun a the beach

In the past few days, the 4th Cocoa and Coffee Forum and the 65th anniversary of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (CATAS) were held in Hainan. The cocoa and coffee forum brings together leading experts from research and industry to discuss the way forward for the fast growing Chinese cocoa and coffee industry in Hainan. As our main collaborator for our work on cocoa, CATAS - Spice and Beverage Institute showcased all the fantastic work that has been ongoing in recent years. For coverage in the local television, take a look here.

This was a great opportunity for Tom to present the work of our lab on cocoa pollinators, flower visitor monitoring, to make new friends in the emerging Chinese cocoa and coffee industry, and exchange some exciting new plans with our collaborators on our field sites in Hainan. Of course, Manu, Wenxiu, Marcel and Tom spent time in the field to put some new ideas into action and for some frisbee on the beach on Sunday.

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