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OCTOBER 2021 - Field season starts with our semi-field experiment or "get ready for #soilympics"

How are interacting pollutants affecting agricultural systems? And how can diversification mitigate potential effects?

We have spent the past days together digging #soil, riding on the back of a #tricycle, and eating #snickers all with one goal in mind: setting up our semi-field experiment or winning the #soilympics (a term coined by Manu).

Ultimately we have set up a large semi-field experiment with 72 cages, 2.160 flower pots, and all together we have move 43.200 kg of soil. This was only possible with the incredible help of six amazing farmers. #staytuned for exciting results to come!

A huge congrats to Xueqing and Guanyan!!! You have done an outstanding job coordinating this!!!

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