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OCTOBER 2022 - Siyuan publishes his first PhD paper on plastic detection in environmental samples

Nano-/microplastics (NMPs, particle diameter < 5 mm) are widespread emerging pollutants with diverse impacts on organisms due to their sizes, shapes, and chemical properties. Despite the fast increase in NMP research, an effective method to separate and identify NMP types from environmental samples is still lacking.

In his first PhD paper, Siyuan developed a simple and effective approach extract and separate of various types of NMPs from environmental samples by density gradient ultracentrifugation (DGU). For the first time, DGU was capable to separate various NMPs from soil and water samples with high selectivity (100%), purity (93%), and applicability. DGU is compatible with all analytical processes, is very cheap (2.2 USD/sample), and, hence, can facilitate research on NMPs related to terrestrial and marine environments as well as human health.

Congratulations, Siyuan for this interesting and important paper!

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