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OCTOBER 2022 - We are leading the "ESG Coffee Talks" Series on Sustainable Agriculture in Hangzhou

Maybe you remember that we co-founded an ESG (Environment, Sustainability & Governance) event series in April this year. Together with our partners G5 Capital, 2060 Advisory- impact investing, Qingshan NatureHub, and B-Corps China we are bringing together sustainability experts, enterprises, artists, entrepreneurs and investors to build awareness for ESG and help shaping a sustainable future of China.

The event series has been held regularly on carbon sequestration, sustainable clothing, and now we have been coordinating two month of insights into sustainable agriculture. In September, Shen Ye from Farmers' Seed Network talked about "Good soils, good seeds, good food". In early October, Ms. Ada Qin - founder of Above Farm - spoke about her startup, the relationship to organic agriculture, rating systems and biodiversity. And in the last offline event, we had the pleasure to host Prof. Haiyan Cen and Prof. Baojing Gu from Zhejiang University, Mrs. Yu JianLei, Deputy Director of Sustainable Development, Greater China at Oatly, and Mr. Huiyu Ouyang from the China Development Council / Good Food Foundation. These four speakers gave excellent perspectives on the role of sensor technologies and the nitrogen cycle for sustainable agricultural production, the role of Oatly in a plant-based diet revolution, and the role of the Goof Food Foundation in a global food systems transformation.

We thank all the speakers for excellent talks and great discussions afterwards.

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