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SEPTEMBER 2021 - New Paper on diverging views on trophy hunting is out in Conservation Letters

Views on natural resource use vary greatly between countries, are heavily debated, and views of the global south are often largely ignored.

Take trophy hunting for example: shooting large game in Africa is either perceived unethical or helping rural communities and wildlife conservation. While the pros and cons of this debate have been extensively discussed (some references below), this heated debate is mostly happening outside of Africa and local voices have been largely ignored also in recent international policies on African trophy hunting.

In our latest study published in Conservation Letters, we use a global online #survey with more than 5,700 respondents from all continents to include the African perspective into the trophy hunting debate. We found that African and North American respondents were more supportive of trophy hunting than respondents for instance from Europe. For more interesting insights take a look at our open access article here:

Thank you Shaya van Houdt and Lochran Traill for leading this. Thomas Cherico WANGER GUERRERO from our lab, Richard Brown, Rosie Cooney, Wayne Twine, Richard Fynn, and Kenneth Uiseb helped to put it all together.

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